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A customized travel experience

Get the support of a travel management partner that caters to your industry's needs on a global scale

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Set goals and achieve them

Having a travel partner that understands the specific challenges of your industry – whether it be technology or healthcare – can be a game changer. With our support, you’ll have a full range of tools and resources that are aligned with your business sector and corporate goals. A dedicated account manager will work with you to meet those goals, helping you optimize savings and enhance care for your travelers.

Your goals are carried out through our corporate travel solutions that have relevant booking options at discounted rates which you can access through an online booking tool or off-line through a travel counselor. Rate-search technology and reporting tools can help maximize your savings. And since meetings and events are often a key part of travel, a meeting planner will be available to develop your vision whether your meeting is live, virtual or both.

Make the trip seamless

Whether it’s a complex booking or a simple gate change, travelers can enjoy an experience that’s personalized, proactive, and always on.

24/7 traveler support

VIPs with complex international trips get visa and passport services and booking assistance from skilled travel counselors.


This do-it-all app lets you stay on top of trip details and easily connect with a travel counselor 24/7 whether chatting or calling. See how it can be a major asset to your travelers.

Manage travel your way

Everyday challenges turn into easy solutions with tools and technology that can be set up in the way that works best for your company.

Booking and expense

It’s fast and easy to book and claim travel expenses with a single system that’s set up according to your company’s rules and travel policy. That’s the experience with NeoTM.
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Insights to savings

With in-depth reporting tools, you can explore the benefits of policy changes, see what peer companies are spending on travel, even monitor carbon emissions.
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Policy compliance

A tightly run travel policy is great but how do you know if travelers are following it? With our auditing tool, you create your company’s approval workflow that can boost travel policy participation.
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Risk management

Being prepared for a disruption can make a world of difference. You’ll be able to identify safety threats, learn which travelers are affected and communicate fast.
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Alternate payment

You can set spend limits and increase bookings with preferred hotels through our virtual payment method ‒ the logical choice for travelers without a corporate credit card.
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Develop your vision and strategy

When you need consultative advice on your travel program, our Global Business Consulting team is on hand to help. From negotiating with travel providers to outsourcing travel resources, they’ll tailor their services to meet your goal.

Are you in the energy, mining, or marine sector?

You’ll have a global service solution that caters to your company’s unique needs.

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We’re here to help whether you’re first considering business trips or you already have a travel program.

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